Services Undertaken


Full or part lock changes, main doors, garage door locks, shed security. If your house has a lock or needs a lock i can supply, fit, service or replace anything.

UPVC door specialist, locking strip repairs, adjustments or replacements. Door not shutting properly or locks stiff to operate all are easily sorted out with years of experience.

Insurance upgrades or updates, BS3621 graded locks so your insurance fully coveer you. Check out our new Ultion locks and armoured handles for peace of mind.



Whether its your back bedroom with the start of your ebay empire or a 100'000 sq ft factory i can secure, open, service or update any locks you may have.

Insurance locks, insurance upgrades or any lock repairs, theres no job too big or too small.

I am cheaper than your service contract, many busineses call me instead of their service engineers as im quicker, nearer and have the locks in stock.

With my vast knowledge of locking systems work is undertaken quickly and precisely with no hidden costs and no vat to pay.



I can open any vehicle without damage, some may take longer than others but I havent been beaten yet. With a vast array of tools and skills your vehicle is in safe hands. Unfortunatley I no longer program keys but for anything esle including key fob repairs im only a phone call away. If its a moped, lamborghini, tractor or truck, plane or caravan and anything in between ive got you covered and no, a tennis ball will not open your car!

Opening vehicles is a science, long gone are the days of poking a wire through the door, modern vehicles deadlock themselves in an instant and special tools and knowledge are required to open them without damage.

Often reccomended by local garages and even the AA I can open vehicles the main dealer will tell you need to be towed to them. unlike other 'openers' I dont leave gouges in your bodywork or leave you needing new locks or windows.

It doesnt matter where your vehicle is or what it is. Ive opened everything from motorcycle seats to cars to trucks and vans whether they have special aftermarket locks added or not. Regardless where your vehicle is I can attend and often find myself in a remote carpark or campsite, a petrol station forecourt or a super market carpark. Animals or even babies locked in vehicles are not a problem.

Safes and Valuts


Whether its a small cash box, a digital safe, a gun safe or vault in your cellar I will happily have a go. with a vast knowledge of locks and boxes ive not been beaten yet but im also not afraid to admit if somthing is beyond my expertise and a specific safe engineer should be called. Calling me costs nothing for advice and if I cant do it I will not charge.

Digital safes, have your batteries run out or dropped out, have you tried to change the combination and now it will not open? its no problem to get these open for you, service the locks and even change the combination for you or override lock if needbe. 

Gun safes do not need to be drilled and should not be drilled if there is explosive material contained within. I can open and service/repair or even change the lock on your gun safes safely and leagally. An owner with a fire arms certificate needs to be present. 

Large safes and vaults need to be assessed as and when, sometimes a small hole needs to be made for vision equipment to be introduced but such work along with costs will be discussed before work progresses. Combination locks often require some time to open manually but can be done.