Before we get down to the bare bones of money  I just want to note how Peak Locksmiths differs from anyone else you may have had, seen or been quoted by.


It is a common sales ploy to advertise No Callout Fee which is infact a false statement as these people do have a callout fee or rather other ways to milk all they can from you. Ask yourself this, would you travel up to an hour each way to do a job and not charge for it? I know I wouldn’t. They do indeed make their money and they charge a lot more than other trades charging a call out. Recent horror stories of £500, £900 and in one case £1500 charges made just for opening a door then lock replacement charges added on top are simply frightening and once they arrive on a no callout promise and done the work there’s not a lot you can do about it.

These people also have minimum labour charges and charge by the hour, half hour or even often by the 15 minutes. 


Here at Peak Locksmiths I am an honest hard working guy, everything I do or say is genuine and I am totally up front about all costs involved before I even leave the house. Over the phone you will be told how much the job will be including a breakdown of what those charges are. If the actual costs differ from those given over the phone once I’m in attendance you will be given ample opportunity to accept, question or refuse any change of costs of further work needed. It’s impossible to be 100% sure what your issue may be over the phone but that will be mentioned and discussed as when needed before I even set off to you.


I do charge a callout, this charge covers me coming out to assess your job and complete any work needed. This callout covers all labour whether I’m there 2 minutes or two hours and it does not increase with time. It is a one off charge put on the bill for me doing the work you need.

My lock charges are then added on top if needed, these charges are also discussed on the phone before I even attend so you are well prepared for the bill that will be coming at the end of the job.

Unlike the usual fly-by-nights I do not increase my charges for someone who is old and frail or someone who has a Ferrari on the drive, I do not decrease my prices for a pretty girl fluttering her eyelashes or even friends and family. I am fair to everyone, everyone gets the same price which is not only very competitive but unbeaten by any of the others when it comes to the final cost.

Below are my set charges, lock prices for upvc strips vary depending on strip and as there are thousands of strips available it’s impossible to pin point not only an exact price but also an average price although I do suggest a price range which is often accurate.

I also charge differently for weekends and night work, let’s be honest you would want double or even triple time for going out on a Sunday or 3am in the morning, I charge just over time and a half for out of hours work whether it’s a bank holiday, Christmas day or new years eve.

Everyone gets the same prices which I know are not only fair but unbeatable by any national company.


I charge rrp for locks as suggested by my suppliers, all locks come with manufacturers warranty and my work comes with my persoanl guarentee that any problems will get sorted out.

I do not charge vat and I do not take credit cards. Payment is expected on completion of the work and can be taken by cash or bank transfer. Cheques may be acceepted in certain circumstances by prior arrangement.




Standard callout/labour charge Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm normal working days is £60

Callout/labour charge for out of hours, weekends and bank holidays is £100

British standard/insurance approved locks are £35 each fitted

All and any work carried out that does not require locks or any sort of replacement parts is included with the callout/labour cost.

Adjustment of UPVC doors is done free as part of the callout/labour cost

UPVC locking systems average around £60 for a central gearbox (the most common repair for a broken strip) to around £120 for a full locking strip (the full lock including the hooks etc) this is on top of the callout/labour fee.


Some examples are as the following,

Daytime callout/labour to a locked vehicle, house or office etc is standard callout of £60 all in no further cost. If a normal lock is required it would be a further £35.

Lost keys to a door at 1am in the morning is £100 callout/labour with an additional £35 if a new lock is wanted. The door will be serviced and adjusted for no additional cost.

A new house purchase needing new locks during the day on a weekday would be £60 plus £35 for each additional lock.


Please note, I have recently become a dealer for Ultion locks which are cylinders for UPVC doors which are impossible the be broken out, they cost a little more but as well as the unrivalled security they come with a £2000 money back guarantee should anyone break into your house through snapping the lock. See the Ultion page for more info.

An Ultion lock cylinder is £120 fitted which includes a week day callout charge, any additional cylinder while I’m there is an additional £55 with additional keys being £15 each. Please note some long sizes are a little dearer but rarely come across.

I no longer cut normal keys and have stopped programming car keys apologies for any inconvenience.


Of course I need to say all prices are subject to change at little to no notice (although they have remained the same for over 16 years), lock prices very much depend on the suppliers and brass prices.