About us


Peak Locksmiths has been established for over 18 years, serving our community. The company is run by a single person so you are guaranteed that personal experience.

I have lived in Chapel-en-le-frith over 45 years and played with locks most of that time, I am a time served mechanical engineer before I then moved into the world of opening locks as a business 15 years later.

Well known in the industry for all the right reasons I strive to be the best not only for my customer but also for myself.

As well as my locksmith work I’m also constantly inventing and developing new tools for opening locks I am well known in all the right circles and my work has travelled around the world as has my reputation.


I treat my customers how I would like to be treated myself. Polite and prompt all work is discussed over the phone before I even attend and if there is any possibility you could solve your problem yourself without having to pay me to come out it is my pleasure to help you over the phone.

I only cover the areas I promise to cover which are those local to me and I do not promise to attend out of area jobs then just not turn up like so many others do.

I am not a national company nor do I take on work for them, what you see if what you get with me.


It is a constant battle with these national companies who advertise as being in our home towns when in fact they are down south. Recent so called locksmiths main offices being in Poole, London or South end on sea call fly by night companies from Manchester to attend their calls on their behalf, if they even turn up the costs are astronomical, recent scares being £1500 for a callout to a lockout which my charge would have been £60 for, a customer who had their lock destroyed and locking strip gearbox stolen with a demand for over £200 initial call back to fix their mess and a further £400+ cost for the repair locks all of which was un-necessary and would have cost £60 from me, the final bill from us to rectify all the damage was £220 in the end. Lastly a young lady locked out at night very upset and not knowing what to do rang a so called local number only to get someone from the other side of Manchester over an hour later demanding over £500 plus vat to open a door, in the end they needlessly smashed the lock up and on the lady’s request left leaving me to repair and replace the locking system.


I pride myself in making each and every one of my customers happy that they rang me and not a cowboy from out of town, I am your local locksmith and remain the best.


I do work for the local councils, police, estate agents along with hundreds of landlords in the area and cover most of the local businesses all with professionalism and expertise. From recently restoring vintage locks and making keys for many of the Crescent locks to lubricating someone’s hinges for free no job is to big or too small. I have thousands of customers that have my number in their phone and would not think of having anyone else, I do not advertise and most of my work comes from repeat business or word of mouth.

Why us?


There is no real answer to the question of why use Peak Locksmiths, the choice is of course yours and if the about us text hasn’t persuaded you yet then nothing will however here are some of our/my core values.

Your local Locksmith serving your local area, an established and trustworthy expert in all security. Years of practice and knowledge.

Extreemly competitive pricing, high level decent insurance locks fitted for cheaper than our competitors cheap and nasty stuff.

Prompt, polite and efficent, no needless work done to inflate prices, all costs are set and everyone pays the same regardless of age or wealth.